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Access Denied  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
Affair In San Miguel  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
After Dark  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
After Hours  Ronny Jordan  Contemporary Jazz
After The Rain  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Ain't Got Nothin But the Blues  Robben Ford  Contemporary Blues
Ain't No Sunshine  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Alexander's Ragtime Band  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
All About Our Love  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
All of Me  Billie Holiday  Classic Jazz
All The Way  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
All Your Love  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
Almost Blue  Diana Krall  Contemporary Jazz
Always  Greg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Always There  Ronny Laws  Contemporary Jazz
Am I Blue?  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Blues
Angel  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Angela  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
Another Kind of Love  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Anything You Want...You Got It  Bonnie Raitt Contemporary Blues
Anytime, Anyplace  Tom Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Are You Going With Me  Pat Matheny  Contemporary Jazz
Around the Bend  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Aruba  The Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
As The Years Go Passing By  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
Avenida Del Sol  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Avenue  Paul Taylor  Contemporary Jazz
Azure Dreaming  Greg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Back Into My Heart  Chris Botti  Contemporary Jazz
Ball Peen Hammer  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Basik Instinct  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Beginning  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
Bewitched  Peggy Lee  Classic Jazz
Bhop  Tom Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Big B Little B  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
Bird of Paradise  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Bird's Nest  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Black Lung Heartache  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Black Night  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Blue Touch  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
The Blues Don't Bother Me  Matt "Guitar" Murphy  Contemporary Blues
Blues in the Night  Julie London  Classic Blues
Blues Intro  John Mayer  Contemporary Blues
Body & Soul  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Body & Soul  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Born In Chicago  Paul Butterfield Blues Band  Contemporary Blues
Bossa Novaville  Ultra Lounge  Latin Jazz
Bouncin Back  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
Bring It On  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Buck The System  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
Bullet Proof Soul  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
By Your Side Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Cadillac Slim  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Cafe Reggio  Zachary Breaux  Contemporary Jazz
Callie  Joyce Cooling  Contemporary Jazz
Callin San Francisco  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Camouflage  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Can't Get Enough  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
Can't Keep a Good Man Down  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Can't Quit The Blues  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Can't Turn You Loose Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues
Can't You See What You're Doing  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Cat Paws  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Chairman of the Board  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Chameleon  Herbie Hancock  Classic Jazz
Cheaper To Keep Her  Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues
Chelsea  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Cherish The Day Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Cherry Pie Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Chicago Breakdown  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Club Harlem  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Club Havana  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Club Jazz  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Cold Shot  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Come Back Sweet Papa  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Comin Home Baby  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Condition of My Heart  Gerald Albright  Contemporary Jazz
Consequences  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
Constant Rain  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
Cool Blues  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Coolsville  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Coversation  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Creepin  Fattburger  Contemporary Jazz
Cristo Redentor David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Crossfire  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Cruisin Your House at Midnight  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Crush Q.T.  Richard Elliott  Contemporary Jazz
Cryin Mood  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Blues
Cubana  Mambo Kings  Latin Jazz
Cubana Chant  Martin Denny  Latin Jazz
Cut Me To The Bone  Robben Ford  Contemporary Blues
Daddy  Julie London  Classic Jazz
Dark Eyes  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Darktown Strutter's Ball  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
Daytripper  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
Daybreak  Tom Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Deep Ellum  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Deep Into It  Larry Carlton  Contemporary Jazz
Delia  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Designer Stubble  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
Dirt In My Pocket  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Dirty Pool  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Don't Blame Me  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Don't Forget To Mess Around  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Don't Get Any Better  Tom Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Don't Give Up  Herbie Hancock/Pink  Contemporary Jazz
Don't Say Goodbye  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
Don't Turn Your Heater Down  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Down Home  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
Driving  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
Dust Bowl  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
East Bay  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Ebop  Chuck Loeb  Contemporary Jazz
Embraceable You  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Empty Arms  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Ever Since We Met  Chris Botti  Contemporary Jazz
Every Monday  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
Every Word Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Every Day I Have The Blues  John Mayer  Contemporary Blues
Exception To The Rule  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Fandango  Martin Denny  Latin Jazz
Father's Lullaby  Gerald Albright  Contemporary Jazz
Feel No Pain Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Finale  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
First View  Steve Oliver  Contemporary Jazz
Flipside  Jeff Loerber  Contemporary Jazz
Flow Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Fly Away  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Fly Me To The Moon  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
Fool On The Hill  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
For Her  Walter Beasley  Contemporary Jazz
The Forecast Calls For Pain  Robert Cray
Funkly  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
Funky Nassau Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues
Garden of Babylon  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
Georgia On My Mind  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Get Back Together  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
Get Home  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Girl From Ipanema  Antonio Carlos Jobim  Latin Jazz
Glad To Be Here  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
Gloomy Sunday  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
God Bless The Child  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Going Out Of My Head  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
Good Night  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
Goodbye Manhattan  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Got It Goin On  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Groovis  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Had Enough  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Hang On To Your Love Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Hard Luck Case  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Harlem Nocturne  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Harmonica Musings  John Popper  Contemporary Blues
Have A Heart  Bonnie Raitt  Contemporary Blues
Have A Little Faith  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Heartbreaker  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Hearts On Fire  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Heatwave  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Heaven's Design  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Heavy Vibes  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
Help The Poor  Robben Ford  Contemporary Blues
Hey Love  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
High Five Chuck Loeb  Contemporary Jazz
High On The Hog  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Hold You Up  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Holdin Court  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
Holiday For Strings  Walter Schumann  Classic Jazz
The House Is A Rockin  Stevie Ray Vaughn
House of Bamboo  Earl Grant  Classic Jazz
How Blue Can You Get  Louisiana Gator Boys  Contemporary Blues
How Long Must I Cry  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
How Much I Feel  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Hycodan  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Hyde Park  Jeff Kashiwa  Contemporary Jazz
Hymn For Her  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Ian's Blues  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
I Can't Make You Love Me  Bonnie Raitt  Contemporary Blues
I Could Never Lie  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
I Couldn't Love You More  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
I Cover The Waterfront  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
I Did It My Way  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
I Got A Guy  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
I Got To Change  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
I Hear Music  Billie Holiday  Classic Jazz
I Like To Dance  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
I Want To Show You  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
I'll Be There For You Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
I'm A Ding Dong Daddy  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
I'm A Real Man  Robben Ford  Contemporary Blues
I'm Cryin  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
I'm In A Low Down Groove  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
It's All Good  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
I've Got You Under My Skin  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face  Tony Bennett  Classic Jazz
If I Had a Nickel  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
If You Don't Know Me By Now  Gerald Albright  Contemporary Jazz
If You Should Ever Leave Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Blues
Imagining America  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
Immigrant  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
India  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Innocence  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Blues
I Still Dream  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Is It A Crime Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Island Life  Michael Franks  Contemporary Jazz
The Island of Temples  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Isn't She Lovely  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
It Was A Very Good Year  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
It's Only a Paper Moon  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
It's You  Bob James/David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
It's Only Love That Gets You Through  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
It's Wonderful  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Ivory Coast  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Jelly Roll  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Jezebel  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Jim  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
John The Revelator  Taj Mahal  Classic Blues
The Juice  Chieli Minnuci  Contemporary Jazz
Jungle Madness  Martin Denny  Classic Jazz
Just A Gigalo  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Just A Man  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Just A Simple Melody  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
Just Because  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
Just The Way You Look Tonight  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
Katherine  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Kenya  The Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
Kickin In  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Kickin It Up  Gerald Albright  Contemporary Jazz
Kilimanjaro  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
King of the Blues  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
King of Sorrow  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Kiss of Life  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
L.A. Daydream  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
Labor of Love  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
The Lady Is A Tramp  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
Laia Ladaia  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
The Language of Life  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
The Last Day  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Last Matador of Bayonne  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
The Last Time  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Last Train Home  Pat Matheny  Contemporary Jazz
Leave My Little Girl Alone  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Leave This Town  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Lenny  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Let Me Love You Baby  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Letting Love Go  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
Let's Do It  Billie Holiday  Classic Jazz
Let's Get Smooth  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Let's Give Them Something To Talk About  Bonnie Raitt Contemporary Blues
Light and Shade  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
Lights Down Low  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Lights Out  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Like An Angel  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Life By The Drop  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Life Without You  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Like A Tattoo  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Like An Angel  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
A Little Bit Later On  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
Little Flower  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Livin Large  Euge Groove  Contemporary Jazz
Long Slow Distance  Michael Franks  Contemporary Jazz
Long Tall Judy  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
The Look of Love  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
The Look of Love  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
Looking For A Fox Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues
Love Is A Powerful Thing  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Love Is On The Way  Chris Botti/Dave Koz  Contemporary Jazz
Love of My Life  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Love Me Darlin  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Love Me Like A Man Bonnie Raitt  Contemporary Blues
Love Me or Leave Me  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Love Struck Baby  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Love Walked In  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Love Will Find a Way  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Loveless Love  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Lover's Theme  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Lovers Rock  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Lucky In Love  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Magens Bay  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Mais Que Nada  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
Make Love To Me  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
Make Someone Happy  Chris Botti  Contemporary Jazz
Man From Mars  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Mandy Is Two  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Maputo  Bob James/David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Marty's Party  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Mary Had A Little Lamb  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Mas Que Nada  Ultra Lounge  Latin Jazz
Maureen  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Maybe I'm Wrong  Blues Traveler  Contemporary Blues
Mazin  Tom Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Me And Bobby D  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
Me and My Guitar  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
The Meaning of the Blues  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Meet Me In The Morning  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
Mermaid  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Midnight Blues  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
Midnight Stroll  Fourplay  Contemporary Jazz
Midnight Stroll  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
Missing in Venice  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Mister Magic  Grover Washington Jr.  Contemporary Jazz
Moomba  Richard Elliott  Contemporary Jazz
Moon Tune  Bob James/David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Moondance  Van Morrison  Contemporary Jazz
Moonlighting  The Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
Moonterrace  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Moose the Mooche  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
More Than Friends  Bob James/David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Move a Mountain  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
Moving On  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
Mr. Wrong  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Mr. Lucky  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Mud Sauce  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
Mum's The Word  Fattburger  Contemporary Jazz
The Music Inside  Chuck Loeb  Contemporary Jazz
My Baby Don't Love Me  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
My Funny Valentine  Chris Botti  Contemporary Jazz
My Funny Valentine  Tony Bennett  Classic Jazz
My Heart  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
My Kind of Woman  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
My Old Flame  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
My Problem  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
My Romance  Chris Botti  Contemporary Jazz
My Time After Awhile  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Nasty Habits  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Natalie  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Nearness of You  Chris Botti  Contemporary Jazz
Never As Good As The First Time  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Never Enough  Bob James/David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
New Orleans  Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues
Nice N Easy Does It  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
Night and Day  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
Night and Day  Steve Lawrence  Classic Jazz
Night and Day  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
Night Cap  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
Night Creatures  Tom Scott  Contemporary Jazz
A Night In Tunisia  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
A Night Like This  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
Night Shift  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Night Crawler  Larry Carlton  Contemporary Jazz
No Love on the Street  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
No Ordinary Love  Chris Botti  Contemporary Jazz
No Ordinary Love  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Nothin But Love  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Nothing To Nobody  Robben Ford  Contemporary Blues
Notorious  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Ocean View  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
Oh Pretty Woman  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
On Golden Pond  Dave Grusin  Classic Jazz
On The One  Gerald Albright  Contemporary Jazz
On The Sunny Side of the Street  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Once Too Often  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
One For My Baby  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
One Mint Julep  Bob James  Contemporary Jazz
One Note Samba  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
One of These Days  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Ornithology  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Other Side of Love  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
Our Way  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
Out of Nowhere  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Pacific Coast Highway  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Papa Dee  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Paris Mambo  Tito Puente  Latin Jazz
Pearls  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Perry Mason Theme  Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues
Philadelphia  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Pick Up The Pieces  Average White Band  Classic Jazz
Player's Club  Marion Meadows  Contemporary Jazz
The Power of Midnight  Jeff Kashiwa  Contemporary Jazz
Practice Makes Perfect  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Pride and Joy  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Principles of Desire  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
Prison of Love  Robben Ford  Contemporary Blues
Prisoner  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
The Promises  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Quiet Volcano  Peter White  Contemporary Jazz
Rainy Night In Tokyo  Michael Franks  Contemporary Jazz
Reflections  David Benoit  Contemporary Jazz
Refried  Tom Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Relentless  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Reunion  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
Revelation  Robben Ford  Contemporary Blues
Revelation  Yellow Jackets  Contemporary Jazz
Rhythm Ace  Chuck Loeb  Contemporary Jazz
Rhythm Dance  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
Richmond  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
The Ride  Kim Waters  Contemporary Jazz
Riders In The Sky  Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues
Right as Rain  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Riviera Paradise  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
The Road  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
Road Back To Love  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Romance In The Dark  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Rude Mood  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
St. Elmo's Fire  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Sally  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Sapphire Island  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
Sara Smile  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Save It, Pretty Mama  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Savoy Blues  Louis Armstrong  Classic Blues
Scrapple the Apple  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Scratch N Sniff  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Scuttle Buttin'  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Seagull  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Season of the Witch  Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues
Second Nature  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
The Second Time Around  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
Seduction  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Shadow Dance  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
She Likes To Watch  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
She's All That  Walter Beasley  Contemporary Jazz
Shine  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
Shine  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Sho Enough  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
A Shot In The Dark  Jimmie Haskell  Classic Jazz
Simone  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Since I Fell For You  Bob James/David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Skid Dat De Dat  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Slave Song  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Slick  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Sloe Gin  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Slow Train  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Smooth Operator  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Snakey Shoes  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
Snap  David Benoit  Contemporary Jazz
Snowbound  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
So Danco Samba  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
So Danco Samba  Wanda De Sah  Latin Jazz
So Many Stars  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
So Nice  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
Solitude  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Somebody Already Broke My Heart  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Somebody Nobody Loves  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Blues
Someone To Watch Over Me  Chris Botti  Contemporary Jazz
Someone's Watching  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
Something To Talk About  Bonnie Raitt  Contemporary Blues
Song For Claire  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
Soul Serenade  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Spice  Fattburger  Contemporary Jazz
Spider B  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Spooky  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
St. Louis Blues  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Start It Up  Robben Ford  Contemporary Blues
Starting To Fall  Marilyn Scott  Contemporary Jazz
State of Grace  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Stay With Me  Michael Lington  Contemporary Jazz
Steal The Night  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
Still Got The Blues  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
Stop Messin Around  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
Stormy  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Strangers In The Night  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
Stray Cat Strut  Stray Cats  Contemporary Jazz
Strolling  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
Sugar  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Sugar  Fattburger  Contemporary Jazz
Suitcase Full of Blues  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Superstition  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Sweet Rowena  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Sweet Serenade  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
Sweet Thing  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
The Sweetest Gift  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
The Sweetest Taboo  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Swing Funk  Jeff Loerber  Contemporary Jazz
Swing Me A Swing Song  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
Take Five  Dave Brubek  Classic Jazz
Take Me  Swing Out Sister  Contemporary Jazz
Take The Highway Down  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Talk To Your Daughter  Robben Ford  Contemporary Blues
Tell Me  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Tennessee Plates  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Tequila  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Tequila Sunrise  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
Testify  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Texas Flood  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Texas Strut  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
That Kind of Woman  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
That's All  Nat King Cole  Classic Jazz
That's The Way It Is  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
These Things  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
The Things You Do To Me  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
This Love of Mine  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Jazz
This Masquerade  David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
This Soul Is Mine  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
Throw Yo Hands In the Air  Gerald Albright  Contemporary Jazz
Tightrope  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Time Alone Will Tell  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Blues
Time Has A Way  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
Time On My Hands  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Time To Blow  Del Paxton  Contemporary Jazz
Timeless  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
Tin Pan Alley  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
To Be With You  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
To Know You Is To Love You  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
To The Max  Gerald Albright  Contemporary Jazz
Tomorrow's Girls  Donald Fagen  Contemporary Jazz
Too Soon To Tell  Bonnie Raitt  Contemporary Blues
Too Tired  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
Tourist in Paradise  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
Transition Jam  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
Travis Walk  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Tropical  Chuck Loeb  Contemporary Jazz
Tropical  Jeff Loerber  Contemporary Jazz
True Life  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
Turn On Your Love Light  Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues
Two Deuces  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Two of a Kind  Michael Lington  Contemporary Jazz
Unchain My Heart  Ray Charles  Classic Jazz
Unknown  Jeff Loerber  Contemporary Jazz
Urban Wanderer  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
Vienna  Rippingtons  Contemporary Jazz
Walk Around Time  Robert Cray  Contemporary Blues
Walk The Walk  Rick Braun  Contemporary Jazz
Walker's Theme  Gerald Albright  Contemporary Jazz
Walkin My Baby Back Home  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Walking By Myself  Gary Moore  Contemporary Blues
Wall of Denial  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
Washington Bridge  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Watch Out For This One  Vibraphonic  Contemporary Jazz
Wave  Sergio Mendes  Latin Jazz
We'll Be Together  Tom Scott  Contemporary Jazz
Weeping Willow  Slim Man  Contemporary Jazz
Welcome Home  Gregg Karukas  Contemporary Jazz
We're All Alone  Pieces of a Dream  Contemporary Jazz
The Whale That Swallowed Jonah  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
Wham  Stevie Ray Vaughn  Rhythm & Blues
When I Fall In Love  Chris Botti  Contemporary Jazz
When I Get Low I Get High  Ella Fitzgerald  Classic Blues
When I Give My Love To You  Michael Franks  Contemporary Jazz
When It's Sleepy Time Down South  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
When Morning Comes  Dianne Reeves  Contemporary Jazz
When We Kiss  Sunset Jazz  Contemporary Jazz
When You're Smiling  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Wherever You Are  Billie Holiday  Classic Blues
Why Georgia  Gerald Albright  Contemporary Jazz
Wide Open Spaces  Jeff Lorber  Contemporary Jazz
Witchcraft  Frank Sinatra  Classic Jazz
Without A Doubt  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Wives and Lovers  Lena Horne  Classic Jazz
Words Unspoken  Boney James  Contemporary Jazz
Yardbird Suite  Miles Davis  Classic Blues
Yeah!  Tom Scott  Contemporary Jazz
You Better Watch Yourself  Joe Bonamassa  Contemporary Blues
You Don't Know Me  Bob James/David Sanborn  Contemporary Jazz
You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
You Knew The Job Was Dangerous  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
You Made Me Love You  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
You Only Go Around Once  Tommy Castro  Contemporary Blues
You're Driving Me Crazy  Louis Armstrong  Classic Jazz
Your Love Is King  Sade  Rhythm & Blues
Your Secret's Safe With Me  Michael Franks  Contemporary Jazz
The Zone  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
101 Shuffle  Dave Weckl  Contemporary Jazz
634-5789  Blues Brothers  Contemporary Blues